Bowl Flowers 50,72 oz - Trend Line Polypropylene

Bowl Flowers 50,72 oz - Trend Line Polypropylene 

Bowl Flowers 50,72 oz Vemplast has a modern design that will make the kitchen decor even more beautiful and sophisticated. Due to its size you can serve a beautiful plate of colorful salad in it, or even use it to store fruit, decorating the table. And if you need to mix ingredients for a recipe, you can use the help of Bowl Flowers 1.5 L Vemplast, as it will be super useful and practical.

Create a trend and stand out by innovating! The Bowl Flowers 50,721 oz Vemplast is part of the Trend Line, which was inspired by the trendy colors, which are on the rise in the world, for you who like to be always tuned in following the news.

Produced in Polypropylene, resistant material, which eliminates the use of disposables, contributing to the environment and generating less replacement costs.

• Various color options
• BPA-free product (Bisfenoal A)
• 100% recyclable material

• Never use abrasive products when washing
• Wash only with soft loofah (yellow part)
• Avoid ironing utensils that could scratch the product
• Can be washed in Dishwasher
• Can be taken to the Microwave
• Can be used in Freezer

Height: 3,54
Diameter: 8,66
Weight: 0,6
Capacity: 50,72 oz
Fabrication material: Polypropylene
Temperature: Supports from 14°F to 140°F
Line: Trend
Brand: Vemplast

1 Bowl Flowers 50,72 oz