Sushi Boat Small 20,28 oz - Tropical Line in Polypropylene

Sushi Boat Small 20,28 oz - Tropical Line in Polypropylene

The Barco Sushi Small 20,28 oz Vemplast can be used to serve different types of food, adapting to different types of business, from an oriental restaurant to a snack bar or ice cream parlor.
You can use it to serve oriental sushi combinations, sashimi salmon, varied portions such as fish bait, pepperoni, french fries, fruit portions, açaí or ice cream. Due to its size it serves the ideal amount for one person.

The Sushi Boat Small 20,28 oz Vemplast is part of the Tropical Line, which was developed to make your life easier in the kitchen and make everyday life more relaxed and enjoyable.

Produced in Polypropylene, resistant material, which eliminates the use of disposables, contributing to the environment and generating less replacement costs.

• Various color options
• BPA-free product (Bisfenoal A)
• 100% recyclable material

• Never use abrasive products when washing
• Wash only with soft loofah (yellow part)
• Avoid ironing utensils that could scratch the product
• Can be washed in Dishwasher
• Can be taken to the Microwave
• Can be used in Freezer

Height: 1,50
Width: 5,71
Length: 10,83
Weight: 0,4
Capacity: 20,28 oz
Fabrication material: Polypropylene
Temperature: Supports from 14°F to 140°F
Line: Tropical
Brand: Vemplast

1 Sushi Boat Small 20,28 oz